Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Update, birthday update!

So Friday was my birthday, turning 31!  Not that different than 30, so I can live with it.  I am the oldest wiser one of my marriage, haha I kid I kid.  Well no, it's true!  Anyways onto my weekend...

Friday night, we ate a quick dinner at home and then headed to see Darius Rucker at the Hard Rock!  It was awesome!  We saw him last year with Thompson Squared and Lady A, it was glorious!!  The Joint is a smaller venue, and there wasn't a bad seat in the house.  I just wish he would have sang more of his new record!  But he did sing his staples, family traditions (the first country song he fell in love with) and his cover of Wagon Wheel, and last but not least, Purple Rain.  I love that song!  I sang my little heart out and it was great!  I picked up a shirt and we headed home. 

Saturday, my family came into town and we had a taco party!  I love me some tacos!  I had ordered my own birthday cake for me and Amy and it was delish.  Same cake we had at our wedding, I always spoil myself on my birthday!!  Bavarian Cream Cheesecake, yum yum yum!!

Saturday night, the little punk neighborhood kids decided to egg our house.  Let me tell you, I am not happy and will run over their basketball the next time it is in the street.  #pissed

Sunday, we took my sister and her family to the Home and Garden show.  It was fun but my BIL loves to do projects, so it took us forever to get out of the there.  He wanted to get every brochure and was planning his spring break activities. 

After they went home, we headed to my in laws to have birthday dinner, homemade lasagna and homemade Italian Cream cake...YUM

Isn't the stand to die for??  I love cake stands.  I have so many and we don't even eat cake that much!  I need to have a dessert party so I can display them all!!

That's it for me.  Oh and btdubs, I am not liking this daylight savings, I like my sleep!  I need to get back on a good schedule! 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

To my sister on her birthday!!!

My oldest sister and I are three years and TWO days apart!!  We always had family birthdays together growing up and still do, it's just something we do!  Now, when we were little the birthday girl got a bigger present and then the other 2 would get something small....yeah we don't do that anymore, man I wish we did!  I would get presents all the time, no way, just in December and March! 

Amy and I aren't as close as Jess and I, but Jess and I are only 14 months apart.  We are a pretty close family tho!  We love spending time together and we always have a good time.  Even with 5 little kiddos running wild, we have a great time!  So this weekend, the crew is "East bounding down, loaded up and truckin" their way to T-town to celebrate!  I really am starting to get spoiled with them coming here for holidays, first Christmas, now my birthday!  Last year was the big 30 so it's not a BIG party as it was, but we are having taco bar and a fabulous cake....our wedding cake!  No no no, before you start wondering, I ordered a birthday cake from the same company that did our wedding cake, Ludger's, best cake in town!  So we will enjoy the Bavarian cream cheesecake this weekend and again when they make our fresh topper for our ONE YEAR in June!  Gosh, just three months away!!!

I say all of that to say this, I wish the bestest of birthdays to my big sis Amy!  You are a wonderful women and super at all you do!  I love you and can't wait to see you this weekend!!! 

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh ma word ladies, it's March!!

Which means it's my birthday month!!! Yes, don't judge, I celebrate all month!  hahaha just titting!!  So anyways, I am super busy at work today and only have a quick min!  We are headed out of town tonight for a friends surprise 30th birthday party! Night in a hotelly with my honey, yes please!!  Then tomorrow it is off to see my sweet little girls in Stilly!!!  Look at little Cindy Lou Who!!!

Introducing Cindy Lou Who! Happy Read Across America Day

Peace out, girl scouts!