Monday, August 29, 2011

So Pumped...

So it's Monday and no better day than to start back on Weight Watchers!  I have to get in shape so I can fit into my wedding dress...and just be a healthier person!  I also received my Zumba, total body transformation dvd set on Friday so I start that this evening!  I will be doing it 4 nights a week.  I am excited!!  I started back to tanning today so I won't be Casper the friendly ghost anymore...I don't think I could get any lighter on the makeup.  So all in all, I am trying to look better.  I stand in the mirror and am very disgusted by my body so I am going to lace up the shoes and do something about it.  Hello this body...

I hope to look like this with my sister for my wedding...this is my goal!  I will get in shape and get tan.  And goodbye to this body...

It's back to another work week...luckily the next two weeks are only 4 days each for me and I have football games to look forward to!!

Have a blessed day ladies!

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday!!  Oh Thank the Lord!!  This has been a long week back since my vacation.  I wish I never had to come back to work...hahaha that will be the day!  This is probably going to be just a bunch of rambling, so if you care to read...please continue.

First off, we found our officiant to marry us...check!  We signed our contract on our reception location last night and we are getting the rental for F.R. double E since we are spending so much in catering...CHA CHING! That means we are feeding our friends and family real good! And tomorrow we go to our cake tasting with just about the best bakery in town...Ludger's!  I am so much looking forward to my wedding cake. 

I had to get my crown done this morning.  I have a temporary on right now, for a week, and then my permanent comes in.  I can't chew on my right side because teeth are little back there and they are afraid it is going to just pop right off.  Hope it doesn't tomorrow when I am with the cake people.  Can you say embarrassing!  Geeshh 

I am in a mad rush to get all this wedding planning done, as I started back to school with a tough load this week.  Cost Accounting and Intermediate 2 make me want to blow my brains out!  Oh and add on Business Law...BANG!

Now, I believe I will go try and talk my co-worker (we are the only ones still at work) into getting an ice cream for half-price next door.


Friday, August 12, 2011

oh TGIF!!!

So this week has been a rough one.  While I am still on cloud 9 with being engaged for one week, I am battling a nasty flu bug.  I came down with the most awful sore throat of my life on Monday night at dinner.  The boy said I lost all the color in my face and asked me if I was feeling okay, well I wasn't but I seriously thought it was something on the pizza.  Thank goodness it wasn't because I would hate to not be able to eat The Hideaway again!  haha  So Tuesday I got up for my teeth cleaning still in pain and decided to make a Dr appt that afternoon.  After getting a throat swab and my strep test coming back negative, they sent it off to the hospital because "something doesn't look right."  Well I seriously thought I was going to die and didn't go to work on Wednesday...low and behold I had the flu!  Who in the h gets the flu in the middle of the hottest summer ever???  I mean seriously!!  Let me tell you, I am and have been miserable since Monday night.  I am almost done with my Zpack but not much relief yet, my head is full of crap and pressure!  Kill me now!!

On a better note, we took a tour of our reception venue yesterday and I am so pleased.  We could have the wedding there too, but not sure about that.  We are getting such a great deal with them doing all the catering and having full wait staff.  I am pumped!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and enjoy the weekend!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have a SURPRISE!!!

Drum roll please..............I AM ENGAGED!!!

I couldn't be happier!!  Oh my goodness, he did such a awesome job with keeping it all a secret and having everyone there to get it all captured on camera and video.  He was a tricky little boy!!  haha  He asked me to go have a quick date for Friday on Wednesday.  I was very unsure since we had or I had a busy weekend with family coming in and thought there were so many more things I needed to do than go to dinner.  But I went anyway to get away and have some special time.  So we ate at our "dinner date" place Te Kei's and after we drove around the beautiful Utica Square neighborhoods.  We were just driving around looking at all the big beautiful houses and conveniently stumbled upon Tulsa Garden Center.  This was one of the places we were looking at to have the ceremony, so I thought this was a good time to look at the property.  So we got of the car and starting walking around, just the two of us.  We were holding hands and talking about all the different things we could do on the property.  Then he let go of my hand and was fumbling around, (I was thinking if you are going to act like you are proposing again just to get me, I am going to punch you in the face) then he pulled out a key necklace and said you have the key to my heart, down on one knee and said BROOKE WILL YOU MARRY ME?  I was crying and said yes then saw his parents and brother out capturing our special moment.  Then my sneaky sister is up on a ledge snapping shots of us and I couldn't have been happier.  She totally lied to me all week and said she couldn't be there early and so it made it easier for the boy to take me to dinner.  So I am so happy to saw I have a beautiful ring, one that I am totally in love with and an even better fiance!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Times...

Okay Ladies,
So I am such a sleepy girl.  I have put in a new schedule of having to be in bed between 9:30-10:00 to prepare myself for a tough fall semester.  I am changing my schedule at work so I start my days on Monday and Tuesday before I even get up now...F.M.L!!!  I did it last semester so I know I can do it again!  Today, my list of things to do just keeps growing.  I am already tired just thinking about everything to do over the next few days.  I have to get the apt ready for BIG company this weekend, my sister and momma!  Boy am I a happy girl about that!!  We have a photo session on Saturday night and then the wedding show on Sunday afternoon.  My future MIL will be joining in on the fun for that one!  Can't wait.  The big proposal should be happening this month, I was given a time I must look perfect or close to at all times over the next 30 days.  Nails done (duh), hair straightened, no more of that lazy bidnezz of curly crap, and makeup on.  Mind you, I VERY rarely leave the house without a proper face FULL of makeup.  I have a face/body full of freckles and they are properly covered most of the time.  I am sure this is all so BORING to you, but I gotta write this all down so I don't forget anymore.  I do have about three four lists going on right now.  Better get back to work, it's month end and I gots lots to do!!