Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cara Box Exchange

I was so very excited to take part in the Cara Box Exchange in November!  If you don't know what it is, visit Kaitlyn and find out all about the fun!  So I was partnered up with Kristen and I truly think it was meant to be!!  Once we got our partners, I emailed Kristen to let her know I was her partner and would be emailing again to get all the information I wanted to collect to put together the "Childhood" box.  Let me just tell you, this was a blast!!!  I loved every minute of getting to know sweet Kristen and also getting to shop for the box!  I wanted to be creative and fun and get anything that would remind her of her childhood, I hope I achieved just that!  Well without further-a-do...

I received my box and was very eager to open!!

I got the cutest postcard from Texas! 

Look at all the loot.  She got me a pizza kit, red velvet cupcake mix, a blue necklace (blue is my favorite color) Operation band-aids (she looked for Monopoly but no dice)

I got lots of candy, some lip glosses and a Cinderella coloring page with Markers!

When we were emailing back and forth, we discovered how we both loved the Rugrats!!  So she found me some awesome party blowers!!!

I told Kristen I think we were made to be friends because we loved the same stuff and she was getting ready for a cruise on the Carnival Triumph!!!  The exact boat that my husband and I took on our honeymoon in June.  Seriously crazy!!  I am so glad we were partnered together because she is such a doll and writes an amazing blog...go check her out!!!  I can't wait for December's Cara Box Exchange!!

Happy Thursday!

Today I was hoping to have my Cara Box Exchange post, but I was too busy last night to sit down and get it done at home.  I will tonight, I promise!!  This week has been crazy busy, kinda strange since I just had a 4 1/2 day weekend!  I guess I needed the sleep and such that occured on Sunday instead of finishing the house with Christmas!  It is nice to say, that we have all but our Bedlam trees up!  That will happen this weekend, once I clean my crap school stuff up in the office.  I have lots of studying to do this weekend and next week in prep of finals.  My second to last set of finals, Thank the good Lord above!  It has been a long time coming and I am so ready to be done.  I will be walking in the December commencement ceremony, but actually finishing in May.  I didn't know about this until after I was already two weeks into school, advisor fail!  Oh boy oh boy!  Can't wait to be done!!  I finally updated Internet Explorer so now I can blog more at work, not that I should but I might try! haha 

Not much else to talk about, I will post the Cara Box tonight and tomorrow night probably post our Christmas decor around the house!

Have a blessed day!  Toodles!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's OK Thursday

....that I didn't do my hair today because the extra 20 minutes of sleep was way more worth it!!

....that I would rather go shopping on my lunch than actually eat

....that today was my "work Friday" so I did more actual work today than any other day of the week

....that I can't wait to get my hair done tomorrow, seriously I will be pretty (hair wise) once again!

....that I drank more at dinner than I ate because I was too busy talking to two great gals!

....that I bought more red deer for more Christmas decor, come on you can't really ever have too many Christmas decorations!

I hope ya'll had a great Thursday, I am off to snuggle with the husband and enjoy my sleeping in!  Fingers crossed it actually happens.  Just have to be up to drive to Stillwater for my hair appt at 11!


Monday, November 12, 2012

a weekend of rest!

well i didnt get to do much this weekend. my body was angry from being nonstop on the go and decided to come down with alittle sickness! so i rested friday night, missed snuggle time with my babies in stillwater and missed the game as well. i did do a little shopping with my mil and got a few new christmas decorations! i absolutely had to fight the urge to get our tubs and tubs and more tubs down of christmas decor. trust me when i say i think it is happening this weekend!  just a quick update from the phone, hence the little letters.

toodles and have a blessed day!!