Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because I am bored...

Here are a few things I will be doing over today and the weekend...

Followed by

then we have to do alittle of this....

Before we get to do this...

To finally do this...this....and this...

Good day ya'll!!!

Thirsty Thursday!!

Today is Thursday and so wishing it were my Friday! I have lots to do today/tonight to prepare for the weekend activities!  So I didn't study so much for my test at one o'clock today, I am listening to the lectures as I type.  Multitasking at its finest! ha  I just want to get it over with and let my weekend begin, then I will be a better student on July 5th!  Good goal.  I lack motivation in so many ways in my life, but that is all changing as of July 5th...seriously this time.  I am going to start a healthy eating lifestyle (I have some weight to lose for the cruise and a little thing called a wedding coming up) and going to start walking every night, cooking dinner every night, studying every.single.night...can't go to sleep without studying!!!  You all can keep me accountable for this awesome little plan! ha No but seriously, DO! 
I did manage to clean off my desk and file everything away, something that is hard to do when you are an accountant.  I do have boxes stacked up in my office, but that's only because we don't have room in the back for them yet...I am patiently waiting to remove them, then my office will be perfect!  I need some pictures to hang on my walls, I still don't know what I want. 
Tonight I am planning on getting a well deserved  much needed pedicure.  Hopefully I will see my mil there and we can chat, even though I pretty much see her everyday.  She took me shopping at lunch and got me two new cover ups.  I am so happy to have them as my soon to be new family!!  I can't wait!  So I am bored from listening to these lectures but I only have 2 more!! YEA

I hope all of you have a safe and Happy 4th of July!  See you next week!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can you say Procrasination????

So I have been taking this online class...Intermediate Accounting I, well we have a test tomorrow and guess what....I haven't done a lick of the work!  I know, I know, shame on me!  But listen, this girl has been super busy and so tired that it is just a better idea to lay on the couch all night when we don't have plans.  Sure I shouldn't go and do all the fun stuff but do you blame me??  Yeah I didn't think so!  So tonight I will be studying my little heart out in hopes of making a decent grade.  I just need to pass! 

This weekend, Friday in fact, we will be making the trip to the other side of Oklahoma to see my family!  The bf can't wait.  He has some "to-do's" this weekend...i.e. talk to my parents alone!  Not sure when that is happening, but its a must I guess!  We are also planning on going to see Bad Teacher with the siblings and in-laws.  We saw The hangover last year, but we couldn't wait this year.  So the grandparents will be watching the chittlens and we will be darting off the mall to grab a quick movie.  Hopefully this happens, cross you fingers!  Enid isn't having their fireworks until Monday night, so we will be going back to Stilly on Sunday to enjoy the fireworks show there.  I have also a trip to see a very sweet and beautiful new baby girl on Monday while I am in's a must!  Then we will be packing up and driving back to have dinner with the bf's family and catch some fireworks here in t-town.  Then it's back to studying or should I say...start studying!  Whatevs!

I promise to take pics this weekend, even if they are on my phone and post.  I know I am a horrible blogger, but I am trying! 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Confessional...


I confess....I am slightly obsessed with Blogging and wish I could be on all day everyday...oh wait I am!

See full size image

I confess....that I haven't decorated my office in the 4 years I have moved out of my cubical and I am finally going to start buying things.

I I wanted to use my one work from home day a quarter, but I would've had to come to the office and pick up my laptop.  FAIL!

I confess...I am addicted to playing in my make-up!!  I love it!

I confess...that I will be procrasinating until the very last minute to do any school work and study for my test!

Oh Friday, how I love thee...

So today started off with TWO of these.  I usually have one cup of coffee on workdays, just to get me through the morning.  But this week has been rough, with coming home late on Monday from vacation and not getting to bed before 11:30pm any night this week.  So....I will sleep in tomorrow gosh darn it!  I have a whole lot of nothing that I want to do tomorrow.  I need to watch some lectures for school and clean, but I want to lay out.  Then take a nap and get ready for a friend's wedding!  Yea for more weddings!  Oh and we want to see a couple movies coming out this weekend, Bad Teacher, Cars 3D, and Something Borrowed (I think it isn't new, but it is at the dollar movie)!  We usually get busy and miss the good ones at the theater so we have to wait until the cheap theater or RedBox.  Not this time, no sirree!  Date movie will have to be quick, as I MUST study lectures for a test this week!! Bleck!  Gotta get to work.  I will try to post pictures of all the events lately!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacay...much needed and well deserved!!

So as most of you all know I went on a weekend away to Branson, MO!  I went with my sisters in-laws, which I totally love and adore, and we had the best time.  Since the boy and I aren't hitched yet, we had to stay in separate locations, totally okay with him stay on the strip in a Freezing cold room, while I was at the the Lazy Valley.  During the day, we did a little shopping, okay okay a lot of shopping, and at night we took in some traditional festivities.  This included mini-golf and Cakes and Creams.  If you haven't had CC then you are missing out and I feel bad for ya.  haha  Absolutely to die for ice cream and cakes.  Their speciality is the Funnel Cake Deluxe, which consists of a funnel cake, large scoop of your choice of ice cream, a drizzle of choice syrup, whip cream and a cherry.  I never get that because it is always too much, but my sis says it the  Little C and I had so much fun together and even had a little sleepover one night, meaning she slept with me instead of her daddy.  The night she slept with her daddy, my sis and I shared.  And this is why I love vacations. 
I did alittle shopping, I didn't get a Coach purse or anything Coach related, shocker I know.  I am a Coach lover as I have several purses, 4 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of snow boots.  Don't judge!  But this trip I said I didn't need any more purses and the shoe selection is better in Allen...that's another story for you soon!  I did fall in love with the Coach messenger bag, it was a deal for only $150, but I resisted...aren't ya proud!  I just picked up some cute cheap shirts from Banana Republic, jewelry from Charlotte Russe and Deb, and then some sleep dresses from Gap.  The boy enjoyed shopping much more than me, but he needed it more than me too! 
We did the Branson Zipline this trip.  Let me tell you, I am afraid of heights and made sure all my ducks were in a row.  I have an Aflac accident policy and I had to inform the others of said policy in case I died coming down the zipline, or the 100 foot free fall that I wasn't made aware of until I was in the tower of the zipline.  FAIL!  Anyways, I survived and guess I could say I would do it again if I have the chance.  It was fun!!

I will post some pics when I get a chance.  I am very tired and ready for a nap.  If you need me, I will be in my office under the desk just resting my eyes.  I kid I kid!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's my FRIDAY!!!

Oh words cannot express how glad I am for my 4-day weekend.  I have so much to get done before Saturday morning, I just pray I don't forget anything!  I am sure you think it is silly that I am stressing so much about a little weekend in Branson, but a girl can't be without necessities!  Ha  I wonder how crazy it is going to be packing for the 7 day cruise...Lord help me!!  I only got one thing checked off the list last night, thanks to a last minute run to take pictures of a house.  So tonight I WILL get through my list.  If not, then I have tomorrow before my quick trip to Stilly for a haircut.  I am super stoked to get a haircut as I am having a hard time styling the mop lately.  Time for shorter bangs for sure!!  So I attempted round two of cake pops...let's just say I shouldn't quit my day job.  I am a much better accountant than a baker.  They might taste good and be lowfat, but golly they aren't pretty!!  I only did a few, so I froze the other ones to finish tonight.  Hello 120 cake pops, please be good to me.  I will take pictures if they turn out.  This is the outcome of a perfectionist...never a good thing!!  Hope ya'll have a Terrific Thursday!!!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't judge....Appreciate!!

Btdubs, I am working on having the copyrighted right now.  I kid I kid.  So on a serious note, I am very excited for the upcoming and much needed weekend in Branson.  I know that it is kinda silly, but we always have such a great time.  And I am a leettle crazy when it comes to packing.  I ALWAYS take way too much and ALWAYS bring it home to rewash, good thing I am marrying a man who does the exact same thing.  However, he was alittle judgemental last night when he saw my packing list.  I mean bidness when it comes to lists...usually typed on Word and properly set with columns and appropriate font for my mood.  Every item that needs to be packed goes on the list, right down to my jewelry and such.  I am very organized when it comes to making lists, if I could just get my life in the same way.  I pack everything on the list and check off once it is done, then usually put the list in my suitcase for my return home.  Genius I know. ha Mind you, we are going to be gone for 3 days, 2 nights and my list is 3 columns wide and filling an entire 8.5x11 sheet with size 11 font.  There comes the title...Don't judge...Appreciate!!  I hope to not be in need of anything when I am away from my house.  I need options of outfits and usually 2/day.  I like to put on something comfortable but cute to shop in all day, then change after the pool before dinner.  And I never wear a swimsuit more than once.  Ewwww  Call me weird, call me crazy...I have heard it all and I am okay with it!  I have come to the rescue a time or two when another lady in the house has forgotten something.

Now onto more important things...I need food.  I made some grilled chicken last night on the GF and made a salad using romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, strawberries, grapes and creamy poppy seed dressing.  Delish!  I will be going to make another right now.  


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M.U.S.T get more S.L.E.E.P

I am so sleepy!  I was very busy last night running all my errands that didn't get done on Sunday due to a tummy ache.  So I made my "to-do" and shopping lists and I was off right after work.  I got home alittle before 7 in hopes of starting dinner and laundry.  Got the laundry done, I think we lack one or two loads (YEA) and we did eat some dinner.  I was hoping to grill some chicken to make salads for lunch this week, but that didn't happen so I will be doing that tonight.  It seems like I am too busy to see straight.  I am starting on round dos of cakeballs, wish me luck.  I might want to roll myself into a ball by the end of it.  I did, however, watch some tutorials on how to make them.  I am going to try the cake pops this go round. 
I am trying to pack for vacay so this week I am dressing up for work, which usually only happens once a week!  I am in desperate need of a haircut, good thing my girl got me in on Friday afternoon, I am a notsohot hot mess.  I just feel like I can't do anything with this mop.  I have been trying new makeup this week, I can't seem to find one that covers the freckles but doesn't get too oily throughout the day.  Seriously, I can't be the only girl in America with this problem.  I probably have 8 bottles of foundation and non work well.  I mean they work just not what I have in mind.  Once again, this is part of that hoarding thing I was talking about.  I better get off here and get to my to-do list for today and then make mine for tonight.


Monday, June 13, 2011

I gotta case of the Mondays!!!

I have so many thins to do this week, it's VACA weekend!!  I am very much looking forward to a weekend in Branson with my bf and my sister's inlaws.  Always a good time!  We have a busy week in order to get ready for the weekend.  We had a busy weekend as well, so we didn't get everything done that we had hoped.  I did make nine, yes NINE, batches of cakeballs.  I have a love/hate relationship with baking.  I love making new things, but I am horrible about eating after I make it.  That is where the hate comes in.  I tend to over-do myself in the kitchen in trying to accomplish it all in one setting, therefore I hate the aftermath.  I am going to work on the second batch of cakeballs this week.  Baking the cakes at night and then freezing them to make the dipping much prettier.  They were some UGLY cakeballs, but everyone was so sweet saying they tasted good.  I didn't use any oil or frosting.  I love the low-fat!!  I am starting my new week of "to-do's" and my packing list.  I am crazy about lists.  I will post some pics next week after the trip!  We are going on the zip-line, pretty pumped about that!!  Hope ya'll have a good week!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Friday ya'll!!

I am so glad it is Friday.  I just wish I was off work already and starting my weekend.  I will be starting it as soon as my foot hits the pavement outside the office door.  This weekend I am hoping to get busy on crafts and finishing cleaning up the apartment.  We have to hang some curtains in the two bedrooms to cut down on the heat, geezzz living on the 3rd floor is so much hotter than my little 1st floor one bedroom.  I purged my closet last night and have about half of it in a give-away pile, so glad that is done.  Now it's onto the makeup and hair products.  I told the bf last night that I am a hoarder and I don't know how he loves me, he said "Just of clothes, purses and shoes."  But it's more than that, it's clothes, purses, bags, shoes, make-up, hair products, flat irons...and the list could go on and on. 
Tonight I will be making my first trial run of low-fat cakeballs.  I am so excited!  I have to go get a few of the items and then I will be baking away.  I plan on making lots for our Branson vacay, so I need to test them out.  And I will take them to my soon-to-be in-laws house tomorrow before church and then to our friends tomorrow night.  I am so excited and pray they turn out.  I am going to do two types, we shall see!  I also need to go pick up a few items for the bf's fathers day presents for his dad, love putting stuff together!   Just so fun!!  Well if you are still reading this, then I am sure you are tired of my rambling on.  I get bored on the afternoon that financials are done.  I even completed 3 "to-do's" for Monday.  Love being ahead of the game.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a busy time of year....

With all the weddings and vacations, we are quite busy these days.  I am just starting a new online class and I really should be watching the videos and doing homework, of course not at work but at home at night.  Oh well, there are just so many more things I would rather do.  I have to clean up and organize my closet tonight and tomorrow (requirement if I want to go visit friends and fam this weekend.)  So I get to spend tonight and tomorrow doing that....YEA....NOT!!!  I have way too many clothes to fit in my closet so I must get rid....I believe I will sell some stuff!  I need to do this so I can pack for BRANSON '11 and make room for all the steals and deals that I find.  I am sad to go be going to the COACH outlet this year, well I will probably go in, but I am not taking a large chunk of monay to spend there.  Insert SAD face here... I have lots of other stuff in mind, i.e. wedding attire and sun dresses for the upcoming cruise.  And I might throw in a swimsuit here and there.  A girl can never have enough swimsuits! 

We, or should I say my soon-to-be MIL and I, added yet another wedding to the summer agenda.  It's a Thursday night wedding next month at a beautiful masion.  We can't have ours there due to the amount of guests, but I am excited to go see it.  Not to mention the colors are teal and red and done on a budget.  Insert smiley face here....  Those are my colors and welp my whole situation!!  I really wish that money grew on trees because then I would be set for life!! ha 

I will be venturing to Target at lunch to exchange and purchase, lots on the list!! I love Tar-chay!!!  I am getting very excited for Branson next weekend, it's much needed and appreciated every year!  Lots of packing, baking and driving will be done next week.  I am in need, and I mean IN NEED, of a haircut and I will get to spend some quality time with the best hairstylist in OK.  YEA


Monday, June 6, 2011


Youhavegottobekiddingme....Bentley, Bentley, Bentley

I CANNOT believe that they poor sweet little Bachelorette is crying over that stupid little g.e.r.k (this is really supposed to be a j.e.r.k, however since we have to spell out all bad words, my silly seester spelled out g.e.r.k instead) awe funny times.  Good laughs.  Now back to the seriousiness...Ashley was forewarned about Bentley prior to meeting him and she still kept him and he played her like a fiddle.  Man can that pretty face play the fiddle, ohmygeez.   She is bawling her little eyes out and he says she was standing on the couch and she wrapped her legs around and they were in a good position.  He didn't like her and wasn't attracted to her but he said he could hook up with her from time to time.  I know those guys, I have been with those guys.  GERKS!!!!  Hopefully it works out for her and she finds her perfect guy, because Bentley wasn't that guy!!! 

To Bentley: You are more of a jerk than Wes from Austin.  I hope that every girl saw how much of an ass you are and no one will date you.  Your little girl will be the only girl that loves you and that's because she doesn't know your true personality.  You will never break her heart and if you do then she will have to forgive you because that is the right thing to do. 

So over this....


Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings

Two down...Two to go!!  This summer has started off busy for us.  We have been to two weddings, invited to another but didn't have time to go.  I just love going to all the weddings and getting ideas for mine next summer.  My bestest friend got married three weeks ago and I got the pleasure of helping out and it was so much fun. 

This weekend one of Nathan's childhood friends got married and it was such a nice and elegant wedding.  The ceremony was at the Sharp Chapel at TU and then the reception was at The Hard Rock on the 18th floor.  We really enjoyed it.  Nathan and his mom went down to the casino to gamble before we left, so David, Zach and I stayed to watch the events unfold.  David got to experience the show of what he calls "dirty dancing" while the kids these days just call it dancing.  You know the kind I am talking about.  I laughed harder at his facial expressions than anything!  Classic!! 

On to other news, we have two more working weeks until Branson!  Let me just tell you how much I love Branson!  I love the family, the food and the shopping!!  This will be Nathan's first trip with the notreallyinlaws-inlaws.  He is excited.  I am excited to see everyone and do some outlet shopping, duh like you couldn't guess that one!!  I am on a budget this year since I have to pay for school, but I am hoping to find some cute and CHEAP stuff for the cruise.  I don't know that I will be doing a trip to Coach, as I have enough purses to outfit an army for a month, all thanks to my MIL.  Love her!!!

Guess I better get off here and do some work....I have a case of the Mondays!  I will post some pics from the weddings soon, as soon as I get them off the camera! 

Toodles loves!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting Out...

I finally did it!! I have started a blog.  Pretty sure I am the last person to do it, but heck why not join in on the fun!  My sisters both blog, but not enough to keep me interested so I started it on me own.  So here it goes...

I am a late 20 something, and I mean LATE, trying to live the dream.  I have a wonderful boyfriend, soon to be fiance, that I love and adore.  We are best friends and I love seeing his sweet smile daily!  I am a full-time Staff Accountant and a full-time student.  I am finishing my degree in Accounting in hopes to get an Auditing poisition with a big firm...we shall see!  I have an awesome family that loves each other so much, 3 of the sweetest nieces that I love to pieces and a little nephew that I love soooo much!  They are my world, until I have children of my own...of course!! 

I am starting the blog as a daily, hopefully daily, journal.  I think it will help get all the ideas out of my head.  I love to bake and make fun food, that I will probably add to this a time or two, or three, or four.  I love to craft, I make signs on canvas and wood for custom designs.  I love shopping, just like the next girl, but I do best when I am getting great deals.  I am so ready for football season, and I love my Okstate Cowboys!!  Love love love tailgating and seeing old friends!  I am going to be planning a wedding soon, and since we will be on a budget, I will be doing lots of DIY...couldn't be more excited.  I helped my bestfran, that I also call my sweet seester, plan her wedding and we just had the best time.

So if you want to keep in touch, you can read this and see what's going on in my crazy full and busy life!