Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011...

Will always be a memorable day....I leave my comfort zone and some wonderful friends to start a new adventure in the Accounting field.  I leave a great company after almost 10 years.  I am was the longest employee and now I hand the title over to a dear friend.  I have cried a couple times, one being in the shower just thinking about how much I will miss everyone and everything.  It's hard to think that I was just 20 years old when I started here! 

So Tuesday, I start a new position with a well-known heart hospital as their Staff Accountant and I am excited.  I am looking forward to new challenges and adventure. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is a changin...

Well Friday was a tough day for me.  After 10 years in my company, I am leaving my position to embark on a new adventure!  I believe it is time for me to spread my wings alittle more and have a fresh start first of the New Year!  I will be working with a well known heart hospital and couldn't be more excited!  While it will be sad to leave my favorite co-workers of all time, I will make new friends and have new challenges!  Life is crazy busy right now with finals this week and then my family is coming in for wedding stuff on Saturday!  I promise to post my engagement pictures soon!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend update...Errr a couple weeks update!!

So it's Monday already and by the end of the week, we will be into December.  Hard to believe! 

We had a fun-filled but BUSY 4.5 day weekend.  It started off Wednesday afternoon, we jumped in the car and headed West to my parents.  It was a very quick trip but we made the most of it.  We started a tradition of having sushi the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we ate and ate and ate until the rice expanded and we couldn't breathe!  haha  Then we sat around and visited and had some good laughs, made my mom blush a time or two.  It was great to have my dad there the whole night, as he usually has to go to work in the evening, but my dear brother-in-law was kind enough to switch the days around so we could enjoy as much time as we had.  Then we woke up bright and early, and I mean early for Thanksgiving day off as the kiddos don't sleep much past, say 7 am!!!  Ate some breakfast and headed back to T-town.  We rushed home to shower and went to the boy's parents house for lunch.  It was yummy, enough though my family didn't cook it or there to eat with me.  I am very thankful to my love and his wonderful family that make me feel right at home!  We ate, cleaned up, and then headed to Old Navy to take advantage of the GREAT sales!  We got some goodies!!  Then we made our plan of attack for Black Friday shopping and about 9pm we were off to Wal-Mart.  Nathan insisted on getting a new 40" tv...not that we need another tv (between the two of us we have 5!!) but it isn't my money so I can't say a word....I picked up a few things for the kiddos and we were out by 12:13am, tv and bags in tow.  We hit up the mall and got some good sales at American Eagle, Bath and Body Works, and Macy' bank account is very upset with me!  But hey, I got most of my shopping out of the way!!  Now I get to study for the next couple weeks and not worry about a thing!  haha  By the way, I dislike school greatly right now!! 

On a side note...engagement pics are in the gallery so I am hoping to get my cd soon and post a few.  Also, got the apartment decorated for Christmas...I have a total of 10 trees in a 2 bedroom apartment...

Don't judge, I love Christmas!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Why yes, that is the Kate Perry song I am referring to!  I am so thankful that today is Friday.  I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning and come to work, but I did knowing that I only have to be here until noon.  Sometimes I wish I just took the whole day off (so that I could sleep in...DUH), but work tends to stop that anyways.  Good thing I came in, since I had about 5 sticky notes and 10 emails from my bosses....they get up entirely too early for me! 

So yesterday I did something that is totally new to me...I had a job interview.  I say that because I have worked for my company for almost 10 years and I didn't really have a "normal" interview when I got this one.  Let me tell you, I don't like the HR questions that are required.  I wasn't expecting them and if they hire based on those and not my awesome resume and skills, then I won't be getting the job.  If my future MIL would have been in town a day earlier, she would have done a mach interview with me and I would have been prepared.  DANG!  Oh well, good thing is I don't necessarily need a new job, but the much higher pay would be nice.  I mean, I am paying for a wedding in June! 

And so today I will be spending my afternoon running errands that were put off due to tests this week and cleaning my's pretty cluttered.  I haven't done a single load of laundry since this weekend.  EPIC Fail! 

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sneak Peek...

So we finally took our engagement pictures on Sunday afternoon and I can't wait to see all of them!  But here is a little preview from our awesome photographer!!

More to come as soon as we see them!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


So today, I want to thank all the Veteran's that currently serve and have served our Great Nation so that I can be FREE!!  THANK YOU!! 

And...tonight I will be attending the ZAC BROWN BAND concert at the BOK Center with my dear future Mother-in-law for her birthday.  We are so excited to see them and spend time together!  She is such a wonderful lady and a great MIL already!! She treats me so well and spoils me rotten, as she only has two boys and never got to buy the girlie things! So, we are celebrating her birthday at the concert, and then doing dinner tomorrow on the actual day!!  I am so excited!!! 

I hope everyone has a blessed Friday!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Homecoming...

Can I tell you how excited it makes me to know that today is my last work day and tomorrow I will be going to one of the largest Homecoming celebrations in the nation...that's right NATION!!!  I am pumped beyond.  So I took a vacation day tomorrow because I need to rest up before my fun-filled weekend, but I have two big deliveries coming tomorrow at the office so I have to come up here!  Atleast it is for clothes and shoes, what more could a girl ask for!! I love Internet shopping!!  So I will leave you with pictures of the GREATEST CELEBRATION IN THE NATION!!
My Story Began at Oklahoma State University!
The theme of this years Homecoming...


Orange fountain for OSU Homecoming!
This is a tradition...done every week before Homecoming!!

Justin Blackmon
Justin Blackmon...definitely see him alot this weekend!!

GOOO POKES!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hump Day...

I am ready for this week to be over.  It has been filled with tests and migraines and I ready for it to be done...please and thank you!  This weekend, I am alone AGAIN, and I will be spending it cleaning out my closet and pulling out my winter clothes.  I am excited to do that.  But then I will be studying and doing homework for this stupid thing called school.  I dread! 

Rant over.  I don't have much else going on, except this being my last free weekend until Christmas probably.  I need a vacation!!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's okay....

...that I haven't done much work today but get on blogger and pinterest, because financials are done!!

...that I plan on doing nothing tonight but spending time with the boy because 1) yesterday was our anniversary and I had a HUGE test and 2) he is going to be gone the next weekends that I am home.

...that I buy shoes all the time because I think they are too cute to live without, but haven't pulled them out of the box yet!  (I currently have about 6 pairs to put on the shelves this weekend, and those are from months of shopping)

...that I only woke up on-time today to do my hair so I don't have to come home tonight and shower before our date.

...that I plan to complete so many things this weekend that I might only get to sleep 6 hours a night, but hey I gots lots to do. 

...that I haven't done anything wedding related for 2 weeks...Fall is a busy time for us football lovers and most of our big stuff is booked!!

And I leave you with alittle pinterest future MIL is jealous that pinterest is blocked from her work and she isn't able to browse like me.

white pumpkins and little wood owl
These white pumpkins are a must for the house...

pumpkin and cream cheese in wonton wrappers with caramel dip. um... YUM!
As soon as I can eat 30 days for one day...I will definitely be making these.

I want to have a Fall party so to do this...but I would need all the decorations, oh and a house too!!! haha


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One year...I can't believe it!!

One year ago today, I started dating my best guy friend.  We would text every day and I could tell him everything.  One year ago today, I took the brave step and asked him if he wanted to go to the movies on a double date...because he was too scared to ask me out.  He would have Facebook status' about me, but never ask me out... Silly boy!  Who would have thought that a year later, we would be engaged and planning to spend the rest of our life together.  So this is what we did one year ago today...
We went and saw Grown Ups with my best friend and her "not so nice" friend....
And we talked for hours on my couch.  I told him things that I hadn't told most people and he still accepted me and loves me.  I am very appreciative of this man that I get to spend the rest of my life with in a mere 8 months.  I look forward to so many things in our future.  I can't wait to walk down the isle to see his smile, and tears (because we have a bet on him crying) and saying my vows before God and our family and friends.  I can't wait to marry my best friend!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Eat Healthy Diet...

hahahaha  Gotcha didn't I?  Oh trust me, little ol' me wishes she could go to Bloomingdale's and do alittle shopping...okay okay onto the real deal.  I started the Bloomingdale's Eat Healthy with my co-worker on Monday.  It's a tough first 3 days, but after that you slowly get to add stuff back into your eating.  Trust me, yesterday I thought I was going to eat my arm off.  I was so hungry, but I did okay on the veggies.  Thank the good Lord above for being able to a potato a day...not sure my fat self would make it without one.  Now ladies, I know I talk about being puffy, but for reals this girl can't fit into the dress of the century...MY WEDDING DRESS.  Not cool, not even alittle okay.  We are one, yes ONE, month away from engagement pictures and I plan to be on the lighter side of the scale.  I am not in the overweight part, but my True Religion jeans are too small for me to wear.  Once again, not okay!!  So today hasn't been bad, I am getting along okay and then I have tomorrow of full veggies.  Then Thursday, I get GRAINS!!  Do you hear that??  It's the angels singing from above!!!   So I leave you with this adorable pin from Pinterest...
Pinned Image


Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a difference a year makes...

One year ago today, I was picking up some ugly OU cupcakes for a friends birthday!  And today, I am planning a wedding to become his wife.  I always wanted to marry my best friend and in 8 short months I will.  We would text everyday and check in on each other, even though most of the time we were "talking" to other people.  He was too nervous to actually ask me out of a date and so he never did.  Luckily, I was alittle more brave and planned a movie double date.  The rest will come on a post next week to celebrate our one year anniversay....yes we have only been together a year and are already getting married.  We have known each other for a couple years, so I guess it is true...When you know, you know!!  Here are some pics of me with the love of my life.  I couldn't ask for a better best friend to spend every day with!!

Happy Birthday to you Mister!!!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I am loving Wednesday...

First off, let me start off by saying thank goodness it is finally Wednesday!!  I am ready for tomorrow to get here.  It's the misters birfday and we are celebrating with a little steak, chicken and cake...oh food how I love thee!! 

I love that it's finally October and that the fall decorations are in full fact we need to go get a couple pumpkins and carve them up!!  I might paint this year instead of carving! Maybe something like these...
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
candy corn pumpkin!!

I am also loving that I get wear lots of scarves and cooler weather clothes...such as these...
simple & pretty
lookin real casual
I think this outfit for the game on Saturday...since I refuse to wear OU letters!

I am loving all the baby pictures on Pinterest...not going to have any bambinos anytime soon but my seester is!!  Aren't these just adorable??
Crochet Owl Love ther purple on this hat!! future child will have lots of sock monkeys!
Love this

P.S.  I will be doing all of the above photo shoots with my child(ren) and I can't wait!!!

Have a great day ya'll!!  Another post coming tomorrow featuring my favorite mister for his special day (not that he even reads my blog)!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Well hello ladies!!

I am finally getting a recap up from the was a crazy one!  As you know, we made a trip to Canton, Texas to do alittle  alot of shopping!!  And it was fabulous...until the yucky stomach bug hit a few of our shoppers.  There were six of us in a nice spacious hotel room, so it went through the room.  Luckily, I don't think I caught it.  I have a few symptoms, but nothing that hasn't stopped me from going and going and going.  So I did some shopping myself and got the following items...keep in mind this was a shopping trip just for moi but that did.not.happen!  First stop, I found my bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding and since I bought 5 sets, I got one free for me.  I chose to get a black and orange crystal necklace made...they are all beautiful (pics to come)!  Then I got some 1500 thread count sheets (one main reason to get your bootay to Canton), a rot iron towel holder, a silk skirt and black short sleeve jacket (both for TEN BUCKS), some charms for a necklace, a leopard tank for the MIL, 3 scarves (one ivory and one black never ending, and a burberry looking scarf), a peppermint brownie mix, buffalo dip mix, wedding cake server, ice scoop, a Christmas gift for the MIL (Can't post it yet), lots of bracelet's and some sunglasses....All in All a good shopping trip.  I hope the little sickies feel better soon too!!  And pray that I don't get it eventually!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fabulous week.  We are off to the fair tonight and it's a birthday week for the boy!! So fun fun fun!


Monday, September 26, 2011

It's the small things that count....

And yes I would be referring to the fact that I need to make my body alitte alot smaller!!  Oh my, I am having a hard time with this.  I have gained some love lbs this last year....and I love to be in love but not loving the extra pounds that my little heart has added!!  I love the boy but the BIG booty has!  I start Jillian Michael's 30 day shred today, and I am pumped.  We are only 8 1/2 short months away from our wedding and at this point I doubt I can even squeeze, much less, fit into my wedding dress!  So there you have it...I am fat and doing something about it.  I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER WEDDING DRESS!  Here are some pictures of the bodies I long for...
My goal. Can my abs look like this pretty please?!
I want my body to look like this
working on that fitness now!

And if you are wondering what to get me for Christmas...I will take a nice set of abs.  That is all. Rant is over!

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Wow, what a week this has been!!  Seriously wish it was 5 or that I wasn't the only one here except for the new guy and our BIG boss...doesn't he want to get home to hang out with his little kiddos after school?  Cross your fingers and pray that he leaves SOON!  I was told by my dr that I needed to take a week off and rest to heal my pleuisy...that's an inflamed chest wall if you didn't know!  He also told me to try to irritate it and let it am I supposed to do that??  Let's see...I have a full time job, I am a full time student, and I am planning a wedding.  Yeah like any time off is really going to happen.  Nice try Doc! 
The good news is that I get to do alittle shopping tonight, then watch bridesmaid with my future MIL while the boys are at the football game.  Then tomorrow, I will supporting my man and watching his OU Sooners...the things you do for love!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's FALL ya'll!!!

So I have been waiting for Fall since...oh about the end of last Fall!  Fall is my favorite season of all!!  I love everything about it!!!  It's football season, OSU Cowboys to be exact, fall attire, autumn sunset in the Scentsy and candy corn galore!!!!  Can you tell I am a little happy girl??  Well this girl is pumped and here is the excitement in photos via Pinterest...I am so addicted!
Oklahoma State Wreath

A nice OSU wreath for the door...I must make one soon!

I want to do all of this!!
Just a little table decor

If my faux fireplace wasn't covered by my table...this would be to die for!

I need all these...

I will be putting lots of these outfits together!

I think I have all of this...


Brown and black do match.

i need this coat

 I love everything about this outfit.

And I need these!!!
I need these for football season...and any other day of the week!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

So Pumped...

So it's Monday and no better day than to start back on Weight Watchers!  I have to get in shape so I can fit into my wedding dress...and just be a healthier person!  I also received my Zumba, total body transformation dvd set on Friday so I start that this evening!  I will be doing it 4 nights a week.  I am excited!!  I started back to tanning today so I won't be Casper the friendly ghost anymore...I don't think I could get any lighter on the makeup.  So all in all, I am trying to look better.  I stand in the mirror and am very disgusted by my body so I am going to lace up the shoes and do something about it.  Hello this body...

I hope to look like this with my sister for my wedding...this is my goal!  I will get in shape and get tan.  And goodbye to this body...

It's back to another work week...luckily the next two weeks are only 4 days each for me and I have football games to look forward to!!

Have a blessed day ladies!

Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday!!  Oh Thank the Lord!!  This has been a long week back since my vacation.  I wish I never had to come back to work...hahaha that will be the day!  This is probably going to be just a bunch of rambling, so if you care to read...please continue.

First off, we found our officiant to marry us...check!  We signed our contract on our reception location last night and we are getting the rental for F.R. double E since we are spending so much in catering...CHA CHING! That means we are feeding our friends and family real good! And tomorrow we go to our cake tasting with just about the best bakery in town...Ludger's!  I am so much looking forward to my wedding cake. 

I had to get my crown done this morning.  I have a temporary on right now, for a week, and then my permanent comes in.  I can't chew on my right side because teeth are little back there and they are afraid it is going to just pop right off.  Hope it doesn't tomorrow when I am with the cake people.  Can you say embarrassing!  Geeshh 

I am in a mad rush to get all this wedding planning done, as I started back to school with a tough load this week.  Cost Accounting and Intermediate 2 make me want to blow my brains out!  Oh and add on Business Law...BANG!

Now, I believe I will go try and talk my co-worker (we are the only ones still at work) into getting an ice cream for half-price next door.


Friday, August 12, 2011

oh TGIF!!!

So this week has been a rough one.  While I am still on cloud 9 with being engaged for one week, I am battling a nasty flu bug.  I came down with the most awful sore throat of my life on Monday night at dinner.  The boy said I lost all the color in my face and asked me if I was feeling okay, well I wasn't but I seriously thought it was something on the pizza.  Thank goodness it wasn't because I would hate to not be able to eat The Hideaway again!  haha  So Tuesday I got up for my teeth cleaning still in pain and decided to make a Dr appt that afternoon.  After getting a throat swab and my strep test coming back negative, they sent it off to the hospital because "something doesn't look right."  Well I seriously thought I was going to die and didn't go to work on Wednesday...low and behold I had the flu!  Who in the h gets the flu in the middle of the hottest summer ever???  I mean seriously!!  Let me tell you, I am and have been miserable since Monday night.  I am almost done with my Zpack but not much relief yet, my head is full of crap and pressure!  Kill me now!!

On a better note, we took a tour of our reception venue yesterday and I am so pleased.  We could have the wedding there too, but not sure about that.  We are getting such a great deal with them doing all the catering and having full wait staff.  I am pumped!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and enjoy the weekend!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have a SURPRISE!!!

Drum roll please..............I AM ENGAGED!!!

I couldn't be happier!!  Oh my goodness, he did such a awesome job with keeping it all a secret and having everyone there to get it all captured on camera and video.  He was a tricky little boy!!  haha  He asked me to go have a quick date for Friday on Wednesday.  I was very unsure since we had or I had a busy weekend with family coming in and thought there were so many more things I needed to do than go to dinner.  But I went anyway to get away and have some special time.  So we ate at our "dinner date" place Te Kei's and after we drove around the beautiful Utica Square neighborhoods.  We were just driving around looking at all the big beautiful houses and conveniently stumbled upon Tulsa Garden Center.  This was one of the places we were looking at to have the ceremony, so I thought this was a good time to look at the property.  So we got of the car and starting walking around, just the two of us.  We were holding hands and talking about all the different things we could do on the property.  Then he let go of my hand and was fumbling around, (I was thinking if you are going to act like you are proposing again just to get me, I am going to punch you in the face) then he pulled out a key necklace and said you have the key to my heart, down on one knee and said BROOKE WILL YOU MARRY ME?  I was crying and said yes then saw his parents and brother out capturing our special moment.  Then my sneaky sister is up on a ledge snapping shots of us and I couldn't have been happier.  She totally lied to me all week and said she couldn't be there early and so it made it easier for the boy to take me to dinner.  So I am so happy to saw I have a beautiful ring, one that I am totally in love with and an even better fiance!!! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Times...

Okay Ladies,
So I am such a sleepy girl.  I have put in a new schedule of having to be in bed between 9:30-10:00 to prepare myself for a tough fall semester.  I am changing my schedule at work so I start my days on Monday and Tuesday before I even get up now...F.M.L!!!  I did it last semester so I know I can do it again!  Today, my list of things to do just keeps growing.  I am already tired just thinking about everything to do over the next few days.  I have to get the apt ready for BIG company this weekend, my sister and momma!  Boy am I a happy girl about that!!  We have a photo session on Saturday night and then the wedding show on Sunday afternoon.  My future MIL will be joining in on the fun for that one!  Can't wait.  The big proposal should be happening this month, I was given a time I must look perfect or close to at all times over the next 30 days.  Nails done (duh), hair straightened, no more of that lazy bidnezz of curly crap, and makeup on.  Mind you, I VERY rarely leave the house without a proper face FULL of makeup.  I have a face/body full of freckles and they are properly covered most of the time.  I am sure this is all so BORING to you, but I gotta write this all down so I don't forget anymore.  I do have about three four lists going on right now.  Better get back to work, it's month end and I gots lots to do!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally, finally, finally!!

We have finally decided on a location to have our wedding and reception and set our date.  This has changed 3 times due to the original venue being booked and family members not being able to attend.  I would like to have as much as our family here to celebrate in our special day and now we were able to make that happen, hopefully!! ha  So I feel so relived as we have our venue picked and we are setting up a tasting for the catering.  The MIL wanted us to taste it, so I just emailed the coordinator and we are getting that done.  Glad that is done.  I have had several people volunteer to help me with table centerpieces and whatever else I need help with, bless the sweet ladies that are so giving!  I will really be thanking them closer to time when I am about to pull my hair out...or just start crying!  More  likely to cry! ha 

I know I have been posting lately, with being busy with school and crazy work, it's hard to get on here and complain write about my day.  I feel like Negative Nancy lately, so I have decided to not post.  But after tomorrow, when my final is done, I will be back in full force with more ideas and pictures.  And I am super excited to keep my little C for a week before school starts.  We have lots of fun things to do...or just swim all day!!  I kid I kid, we are going to see the sharks and maybe do a little shopping...anything to stay cool!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am ready for a break...

So I need a break from the, the heat, and school.  Luckily this weekend we are headed to Lake Texhoma for a full filled weekend with friends.  I am so excited to go to the lake and enjoy a little sun, water and an all around good time.  We were hoping to take a dip in the pool tonight, but if the rain comes in then we won't be doing that.  I also need to be studying for the upcoming test I have on.....uhhh THURSDAY! Whoops.  Oh well, I am sure I will do fine.  I will listen to my lessons all day tomorrow and practice the homework.  Then I only have 2 more weeks, thank the good Lord above!  Then I am off for 3 week before my crazy busy semester starts.!  The good news tho, with the fall semester starting, you know what time it is....FOOTBALL AND TAILGATING!  Yes I know I know, I yelled it, get over it!  I love me some Cowboy football (college not pro) and I love tailgating with friends.  It's always a good time. 

So while I am on a break from school, I fully intend to take advantage and do some wedding planning.  We are on the hunt for the venue and I need to start getting together all my ideas in a little planner...where can I find one of those???  I am in NEED of a cutzie planner for all my  ideas, wants, and must-haves!  I already have my wedding dress, but I need to pick the bridesmaid dresses and such.  Decisions, decisions, decisions. I am also searching for brooches for my bridal brooch bouquet.  I saw Miranda Lambert's brooch bouquet and fell in love.  It is stunning and have to do it.  I have some already and so does most of my family so I am off to find more at thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets.  Hope to have some good ones!

Better get back to number crunching...month end is ready to be closed!!  YEA!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it true? Is it finally FRIDAY???

Thank you thank to the Lord above!!  I am in much need of time away from work and time to relax.  I hope to accomplish at least one of those this weekend!  I am house sitting for my boss for the next week starting tonight so I will be taking daily dips in the pool after work, maybe even tonight!!  I fully intend to do the followingSee full size image this weekend...(because I think pictures are more fun than words)

I hope you all have a fab weekend full of fun! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are starting...

To get the ball rolling on the wedding planning.  We are only 11 months away from our big day!!!  While I know, I don't have my ring yet, it's coming ladies...I PROMISE!!  So today, I was just working away searching the Internet for fabulous ideas for our Save The Dates (my inspiration came from a handmade weddings book at HL) and I started searching, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but the PERFECT mini-keys!!!  I instantly started emailing my sister and future MIL to get their ideas.  Then I decided to email the seller since there weren't enough on the site for me to buy for all our STD's...about three clicks later I had my own reserved listing with just over what I will need and bam those little babies were mine.  Best part you ask???  Oh I got 100 for 6.00 bucks!  And that's how I roll!  I couldn't be more excited!!  So I picked up these...
25 Mini Key Charms

And I will make these...
See full size image

oh I am excited!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because I am bored...

Here are a few things I will be doing over today and the weekend...

Followed by

then we have to do alittle of this....

Before we get to do this...

To finally do this...this....and this...

Good day ya'll!!!