Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend update...Errr a couple weeks update!!

So it's Monday already and by the end of the week, we will be into December.  Hard to believe! 

We had a fun-filled but BUSY 4.5 day weekend.  It started off Wednesday afternoon, we jumped in the car and headed West to my parents.  It was a very quick trip but we made the most of it.  We started a tradition of having sushi the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we ate and ate and ate until the rice expanded and we couldn't breathe!  haha  Then we sat around and visited and had some good laughs, made my mom blush a time or two.  It was great to have my dad there the whole night, as he usually has to go to work in the evening, but my dear brother-in-law was kind enough to switch the days around so we could enjoy as much time as we had.  Then we woke up bright and early, and I mean early for Thanksgiving day off as the kiddos don't sleep much past, say 7 am!!!  Ate some breakfast and headed back to T-town.  We rushed home to shower and went to the boy's parents house for lunch.  It was yummy, enough though my family didn't cook it or there to eat with me.  I am very thankful to my love and his wonderful family that make me feel right at home!  We ate, cleaned up, and then headed to Old Navy to take advantage of the GREAT sales!  We got some goodies!!  Then we made our plan of attack for Black Friday shopping and about 9pm we were off to Wal-Mart.  Nathan insisted on getting a new 40" tv...not that we need another tv (between the two of us we have 5!!) but it isn't my money so I can't say a word....I picked up a few things for the kiddos and we were out by 12:13am, tv and bags in tow.  We hit up the mall and got some good sales at American Eagle, Bath and Body Works, and Macy' bank account is very upset with me!  But hey, I got most of my shopping out of the way!!  Now I get to study for the next couple weeks and not worry about a thing!  haha  By the way, I dislike school greatly right now!! 

On a side note...engagement pics are in the gallery so I am hoping to get my cd soon and post a few.  Also, got the apartment decorated for Christmas...I have a total of 10 trees in a 2 bedroom apartment...

Don't judge, I love Christmas!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Why yes, that is the Kate Perry song I am referring to!  I am so thankful that today is Friday.  I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning and come to work, but I did knowing that I only have to be here until noon.  Sometimes I wish I just took the whole day off (so that I could sleep in...DUH), but work tends to stop that anyways.  Good thing I came in, since I had about 5 sticky notes and 10 emails from my bosses....they get up entirely too early for me! 

So yesterday I did something that is totally new to me...I had a job interview.  I say that because I have worked for my company for almost 10 years and I didn't really have a "normal" interview when I got this one.  Let me tell you, I don't like the HR questions that are required.  I wasn't expecting them and if they hire based on those and not my awesome resume and skills, then I won't be getting the job.  If my future MIL would have been in town a day earlier, she would have done a mach interview with me and I would have been prepared.  DANG!  Oh well, good thing is I don't necessarily need a new job, but the much higher pay would be nice.  I mean, I am paying for a wedding in June! 

And so today I will be spending my afternoon running errands that were put off due to tests this week and cleaning my's pretty cluttered.  I haven't done a single load of laundry since this weekend.  EPIC Fail! 

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sneak Peek...

So we finally took our engagement pictures on Sunday afternoon and I can't wait to see all of them!  But here is a little preview from our awesome photographer!!

More to come as soon as we see them!!

Friday, November 11, 2011


So today, I want to thank all the Veteran's that currently serve and have served our Great Nation so that I can be FREE!!  THANK YOU!! 

And...tonight I will be attending the ZAC BROWN BAND concert at the BOK Center with my dear future Mother-in-law for her birthday.  We are so excited to see them and spend time together!  She is such a wonderful lady and a great MIL already!! She treats me so well and spoils me rotten, as she only has two boys and never got to buy the girlie things! So, we are celebrating her birthday at the concert, and then doing dinner tomorrow on the actual day!!  I am so excited!!! 

I hope everyone has a blessed Friday!!