Friday, November 18, 2011


Why yes, that is the Kate Perry song I am referring to!  I am so thankful that today is Friday.  I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning and come to work, but I did knowing that I only have to be here until noon.  Sometimes I wish I just took the whole day off (so that I could sleep in...DUH), but work tends to stop that anyways.  Good thing I came in, since I had about 5 sticky notes and 10 emails from my bosses....they get up entirely too early for me! 

So yesterday I did something that is totally new to me...I had a job interview.  I say that because I have worked for my company for almost 10 years and I didn't really have a "normal" interview when I got this one.  Let me tell you, I don't like the HR questions that are required.  I wasn't expecting them and if they hire based on those and not my awesome resume and skills, then I won't be getting the job.  If my future MIL would have been in town a day earlier, she would have done a mach interview with me and I would have been prepared.  DANG!  Oh well, good thing is I don't necessarily need a new job, but the much higher pay would be nice.  I mean, I am paying for a wedding in June! 

And so today I will be spending my afternoon running errands that were put off due to tests this week and cleaning my's pretty cluttered.  I haven't done a single load of laundry since this weekend.  EPIC Fail! 

Happy Friday Ya'll!

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