Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am ready for a break...

So I need a break from the following....work, the heat, and school.  Luckily this weekend we are headed to Lake Texhoma for a full filled weekend with friends.  I am so excited to go to the lake and enjoy a little sun, water and an all around good time.  We were hoping to take a dip in the pool tonight, but if the rain comes in then we won't be doing that.  I also need to be studying for the upcoming test I have on.....uhhh THURSDAY! Whoops.  Oh well, I am sure I will do fine.  I will listen to my lessons all day tomorrow and practice the homework.  Then I only have 2 more weeks, thank the good Lord above!  Then I am off for 3 week before my crazy busy semester starts.  Kill.me.now!  The good news tho, with the fall semester starting, you know what time it is....FOOTBALL AND TAILGATING!  Yes I know I know, I yelled it, get over it!  I love me some Cowboy football (college not pro) and I love tailgating with friends.  It's always a good time. 

So while I am on a break from school, I fully intend to take advantage and do some wedding planning.  We are on the hunt for the venue and I need to start getting together all my ideas in a little planner...where can I find one of those???  I am in NEED of a cutzie planner for all my  ideas, wants, and must-haves!  I already have my wedding dress, but I need to pick the bridesmaid dresses and such.  Decisions, decisions, decisions. I am also searching for brooches for my bridal brooch bouquet.  I saw Miranda Lambert's brooch bouquet and fell in love.  It is stunning and have to do it.  I have some already and so does most of my family so I am off to find more at thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets.  Hope to have some good ones!

Better get back to number crunching...month end is ready to be closed!!  YEA!

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Jess said...

I got my planner at Hastings. Yhe Martha Stewart one is really cute (although not what I had)