Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally, finally, finally!!

We have finally decided on a location to have our wedding and reception and set our date.  This has changed 3 times due to the original venue being booked and family members not being able to attend.  I would like to have as much as our family here to celebrate in our special day and now we were able to make that happen, hopefully!! ha  So I feel so relived as we have our venue picked and we are setting up a tasting for the catering.  The MIL wanted us to taste it, so I just emailed the coordinator and we are getting that done.  Glad that is done.  I have had several people volunteer to help me with table centerpieces and whatever else I need help with, bless the sweet ladies that are so giving!  I will really be thanking them closer to time when I am about to pull my hair out...or just start crying!  More  likely to cry! ha 

I know I have been posting lately, with being busy with school and crazy work, it's hard to get on here and complain write about my day.  I feel like Negative Nancy lately, so I have decided to not post.  But after tomorrow, when my final is done, I will be back in full force with more ideas and pictures.  And I am super excited to keep my little C for a week before school starts.  We have lots of fun things to do...or just swim all day!!  I kid I kid, we are going to see the sharks and maybe do a little shopping...anything to stay cool!!


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