Friday, September 23, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Wow, what a week this has been!!  Seriously wish it was 5 or that I wasn't the only one here except for the new guy and our BIG boss...doesn't he want to get home to hang out with his little kiddos after school?  Cross your fingers and pray that he leaves SOON!  I was told by my dr that I needed to take a week off and rest to heal my pleuisy...that's an inflamed chest wall if you didn't know!  He also told me to try to irritate it and let it am I supposed to do that??  Let's see...I have a full time job, I am a full time student, and I am planning a wedding.  Yeah like any time off is really going to happen.  Nice try Doc! 
The good news is that I get to do alittle shopping tonight, then watch bridesmaid with my future MIL while the boys are at the football game.  Then tomorrow, I will supporting my man and watching his OU Sooners...the things you do for love!!


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