Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's FALL ya'll!!!

So I have been waiting for Fall since...oh about the end of last Fall!  Fall is my favorite season of all!!  I love everything about it!!!  It's football season, OSU Cowboys to be exact, fall attire, autumn sunset in the Scentsy and candy corn galore!!!!  Can you tell I am a little happy girl??  Well this girl is pumped and here is the excitement in photos via Pinterest...I am so addicted!
Oklahoma State Wreath

A nice OSU wreath for the door...I must make one soon!

I want to do all of this!!
Just a little table decor

If my faux fireplace wasn't covered by my table...this would be to die for!

I need all these...

I will be putting lots of these outfits together!

I think I have all of this...


Brown and black do match.

i need this coat

 I love everything about this outfit.

And I need these!!!
I need these for football season...and any other day of the week!!!

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Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

If I knew my dogs wouldn't try to destroy the pumpkins, I would do that in my fireplace. Knowing them though, they would think they are balls and I would have pumpkin goo all over my white carpet!