Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Catchups

So sorry lovies that I have been MIA.  School has been a pain and so after working all day on the computer, then going to class, home to make dinner and spend time with the hubs...there isn't much time for blogging.  Well I am back (I HOPE)!! 

This weekend, my sister Jess and her sweet babies came to visit.  They came Friday night in the evening and we made some payday cupcakes...pure delishiness.  hahaha  Actually, we made them to take to my sweet bff that had a baby a couple weeks ago.  I have been making food and taking it to them so they aren't cooking.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to do things for other people.  So I snuggled my munchkins all night until they had to go to sleepers.  Then Saturday morning, being the best Aunt in the world, I got up and made pumpkin french toast.  YUM.  Then we got around and went to the a craft fair, it was okay, nothing to really write home about.  Saturday evening, we went to said bff's house to take chicken and noddles, pumpkin french toast, fruit salad and payday hopes of getting to hold PK.  Well we accomplished that real well!!!!  hahahaha 

Sunday was a very lazy day.  I didn't shower until about 3pm and we just laid around all day.  I did some homework while the hubs was at his football game.  Did I mention that I put a roast in the crockpot that morning to let it cook all day and I wanted to eat ALL.DAY.LONG because the house smelled so good.  And this is why I am a fattie.  But I love cooking and eating!  haha 

Anyways...I better get back to work.  I have to spend my lunch break at the dentist getting my pearlie whites cleaned and even whiter!  And I get alittle nose full of gas, awe these are the good times. 

Happy Monday!!!

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