Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Hump Day, glad you finally made it!

Has this week taken forever already??  Sheesh!  So I have been browsing Pinterest lately in search of finds to create beautiful things from my husband's grandparents farm!  They come from turkey farmers and they have a hatchery full of junk stuff!!  I see stuff, husband sees crap!  Oh I love my eye better!  So my MIL and I have found some neat items that we are going to redo and either put in our houses or sell, we are going to start a Refurb business on the side to keep this little hobby going!!  So excited, can't wait!!  Here are a few of my finds on Pinterest that I know we can do!

Dresser to Media Stand Makeover

Use an old board and door knob for a toothbrush holder and towel holder!  Love it

Headboard ideas

Garden shelf

I can't wait to start our new adventure and I think it will be lots of fun!

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