Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Well I, like everyone else, am bummed to be back to work after my lovely 3 day weekend!  However, I only have to work 3 days this week and then I have another 3 day weekend....FULL of shopping in Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days!  If you don't know what it is, google it and make your plans to attend! It's amazballs!!!

And now onto my weekend!

Friday night was spent having dinner with the in-laws then ran out to the Hard Rock to see my sister's family on their pitstop to Branson, MO!  I can't wait until we go at the end of June! YaY!!  We headed home around 9:30 to get ready for bed and pack for our overnight stay!

Saturday morning, we headed to OKC for a day full of baseball and catching up with friends!  It was a beautiful day to spend time seeing my brother-in-law as he worked the camera for the Big12 baseball tourny, of course we had to watch OU vs KState...Go KState!! haha  I kid I kid, no but really I have an extremely hard time rooting for the Cheaters Sooners!  So I just keep my mouth shut, as you all know my better half and his mom are OU Alum.  Atleast they graduated from there! 

Then we headed to Stillwater to spend the night with Little C and Special K!  C was putting on my fake nails and needed help...such a diva I tell ya!

Sunday, we slept in and went to late church.  The message was very moving and I didn't have any eye makeup on when we left.  We are Oklahoma Strong!  Keep praying for the tornado victims and they start the clean-up process.  Then we headed to IHop and had some breakfast/lunch, then did some shopping.  Then we had a cookout at a friend's parents and headed home around 8:30p. 

Monday, we got up and around.  I went to the store and got some food to take to the in-laws for their cookout and Nathan mowed our overgrown from rain lawn.  Finally, the house looks good again!  We ate and enjoyed family time, then home to tidy up the house and catch up on DVR!

Glorious weekend!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

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