Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please lift Oklahoma up in your prayers!

As I am sure you have seen, Moore, OK took a very devastating hit from a F4/F5 tornado yesterday afternoon.  The aftermath is unreal and very heartbreaking.  An elementary school was hit hard and many children are missing still.  There is a blessing, over 100 people were rescued overnight and now on to a safe place.  Moore, OK was hit almost just as hard on May 3, 1999 and yesterday's tornado led almost the same path.  That is a very scary situation, some homes will be rebuilt that are only 14 years old.

Living in Oklahoma is a tough situation.  While I love being close to my family and friends, every spring we have to go through a very scary and destructive tornado season.  Oklahoma is a great state, full of caring people that will give you the shirt off their back if you need it, and that is what is so humbling about it.  The Big12 baseball tournment has been hosted in OKC since this weekend and the West Virigina team immediately tried to get to Moore to help with rescue, however, they were turned away.  Did they give up at that point? Nope, they drove to a Wal-Mart and loaded carts full of clothes for children and adults to donate.  Big hearts right there! 

Lord, I ask you to lay your healing hands on every soul in Moore, whether they were injured or have loved ones and friends hurt.  We need your Grace during this time.  Give us the strength to recover and more on with our hearts so hurt.  We ask that the families of the Plaza Towers elementary school be loved on, those children were taken away too soon.  We ask that you give them peace and comfort to know that those kids are in your arms. 

We will get through this and be stronger than ever!  Oklahoma is our HOME!

Be Blessed!


Holly @ Hello Audrey Ruth said...

So many prayers and great people around this area today. Just started storming here again, hopefully it won't last long and the relief efforts can continue.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

It sure is awesome to see everyone bond together!