Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid May

Oh wow, I can't believe it is already the middle of May!!  Time sure flies when you are having fun when you are busy as heck!  We officially have every weekend in June booked, including 3 weekends away and Lion King and oh yeah our ONE YEAR Anniversary!  We decided to not go anywhere as it is Father's day weekend and we would like to see our parents, plus we wanted to do two other family planned trips the following two weekends.  To say we are excited about family vacays is an understatement.  We love spending time with everyone, and I truly love being busy on the weekends! 

Work is crazy busy with me being the only accountant now.  I have been working late and barely taking lunches, but they are getting to hire another accountant, so hopefully that will help me out!  I plan to blog every couple days now, even if it is just silly things!  I promise!


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