Friday, August 26, 2011


It's Friday!!  Oh Thank the Lord!!  This has been a long week back since my vacation.  I wish I never had to come back to work...hahaha that will be the day!  This is probably going to be just a bunch of rambling, so if you care to read...please continue.

First off, we found our officiant to marry us...check!  We signed our contract on our reception location last night and we are getting the rental for F.R. double E since we are spending so much in catering...CHA CHING! That means we are feeding our friends and family real good! And tomorrow we go to our cake tasting with just about the best bakery in town...Ludger's!  I am so much looking forward to my wedding cake. 

I had to get my crown done this morning.  I have a temporary on right now, for a week, and then my permanent comes in.  I can't chew on my right side because teeth are little back there and they are afraid it is going to just pop right off.  Hope it doesn't tomorrow when I am with the cake people.  Can you say embarrassing!  Geeshh 

I am in a mad rush to get all this wedding planning done, as I started back to school with a tough load this week.  Cost Accounting and Intermediate 2 make me want to blow my brains out!  Oh and add on Business Law...BANG!

Now, I believe I will go try and talk my co-worker (we are the only ones still at work) into getting an ice cream for half-price next door.


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