Friday, August 12, 2011

oh TGIF!!!

So this week has been a rough one.  While I am still on cloud 9 with being engaged for one week, I am battling a nasty flu bug.  I came down with the most awful sore throat of my life on Monday night at dinner.  The boy said I lost all the color in my face and asked me if I was feeling okay, well I wasn't but I seriously thought it was something on the pizza.  Thank goodness it wasn't because I would hate to not be able to eat The Hideaway again!  haha  So Tuesday I got up for my teeth cleaning still in pain and decided to make a Dr appt that afternoon.  After getting a throat swab and my strep test coming back negative, they sent it off to the hospital because "something doesn't look right."  Well I seriously thought I was going to die and didn't go to work on Wednesday...low and behold I had the flu!  Who in the h gets the flu in the middle of the hottest summer ever???  I mean seriously!!  Let me tell you, I am and have been miserable since Monday night.  I am almost done with my Zpack but not much relief yet, my head is full of crap and pressure!  Kill me now!!

On a better note, we took a tour of our reception venue yesterday and I am so pleased.  We could have the wedding there too, but not sure about that.  We are getting such a great deal with them doing all the catering and having full wait staff.  I am pumped!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day and enjoy the weekend!!


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Lindsey said...

GOod girl! Already booked the reception site. You're working fast!! Things book so quick though so that has to be a relief! Congrats on the engagement!!!