Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas is over??

I really love and look forward to Christmas every year!  This year has been crazy with finals, graduation, packing and moving.  But Thank the good Lord above that I am here to stay that I accomplished it all!  We had to be ready to host Christmas with my family on Sunday, and we were!  Don't mind the office not being completed, master bedroom and bath weren't done and we didn't have all our pictures hung, but goodness give a girl some slack!  We had places to sit, food to eat, and a kitchen to prepare it in!  I would say I did pretty darn good for a girl doing it most of it on her own.  My husband did an amazing job on his closet, you know because that's where people will sit while opening presents what makes him happy! 

I will do a house tour as soon as our pictures are hung, which will be there week.  We are having some family stay with us this weekend and then hosting one kick a$$ New Year's Eve party for all of our friends.  You know the other 6 couples that got married within 4 months of us....yeah we are awesome like that!  We absolutely love having such a close group of friends to share all of our excitment with!

I better get to work!  Hope you all had a blessed Christmas holiday!!!  Now, maybe you should get back to work too!

Be Blessed!

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