Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Tuesday, can you be over?

So just wanted to update you guys on my last 48 hours!  The hubs and I were renting a house for a year to see if we liked the area and if we wanted to buy it (originally house was on the market/lease).  Well Saturday afternoon, we got a phone call from our Landlord saying that she had moved back to town and was going to stage a house on the market until our lease was up, but it sold that evening after she finished moving in.  Of course!  So she is offered us a HUGE discount to move out by Christmas so she only has to move once, and she doesn't want to sell her house anymore!  So we spent Sunday looking for either another house or would even settle for an apartment for a year until we are ready to buy.  We found a house, very close to my office and right by all the highways!!  We will get to start moving in the 16th, oh did I mention I walk at graduation the 15th? and have finals next week?  Yeah, because I am not busy enough, please add in packing and moving, along with my families Christmas is at our house.  So I just finished our Christmas decorations around the house, only to take them right back down!!!  SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!  I will make it through! Hopefully!!!  I might come down with shingles again, like I did three weeks before our wedding.  What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger right???  My husband has taken the lead in our family and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life!!

I better to started working for the day, it's Month End!  Oh to be an accountant.  Ugh!

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