Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's okay....

...that I haven't done much work today but get on blogger and pinterest, because financials are done!!

...that I plan on doing nothing tonight but spending time with the boy because 1) yesterday was our anniversary and I had a HUGE test and 2) he is going to be gone the next weekends that I am home.

...that I buy shoes all the time because I think they are too cute to live without, but haven't pulled them out of the box yet!  (I currently have about 6 pairs to put on the shelves this weekend, and those are from months of shopping)

...that I only woke up on-time today to do my hair so I don't have to come home tonight and shower before our date.

...that I plan to complete so many things this weekend that I might only get to sleep 6 hours a night, but hey I gots lots to do. 

...that I haven't done anything wedding related for 2 weeks...Fall is a busy time for us football lovers and most of our big stuff is booked!!

And I leave you with alittle pinterest future MIL is jealous that pinterest is blocked from her work and she isn't able to browse like me.

white pumpkins and little wood owl
These white pumpkins are a must for the house...

pumpkin and cream cheese in wonton wrappers with caramel dip. um... YUM!
As soon as I can eat 30 days for one day...I will definitely be making these.

I want to have a Fall party so to do this...but I would need all the decorations, oh and a house too!!! haha


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Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I have a bunch of shoes as well that I've gotten - because I HAD to have them - but haven't worn yet. It's a curse haha