Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Recap!

Well hello ladies!!

I am finally getting a recap up from the weekend...it was a crazy one!  As you know, we made a trip to Canton, Texas to do alittle  alot of shopping!!  And it was fabulous...until the yucky stomach bug hit a few of our shoppers.  There were six of us in a nice spacious hotel room, so it went through the room.  Luckily, I don't think I caught it.  I have a few symptoms, but nothing that hasn't stopped me from going and going and going.  So I did some shopping myself and got the following items...keep in mind this was a shopping trip just for moi but that did.not.happen!  First stop, I found my bridesmaids jewelry for the wedding and since I bought 5 sets, I got one free for me.  I chose to get a black and orange crystal necklace made...they are all beautiful (pics to come)!  Then I got some 1500 thread count sheets (one main reason to get your bootay to Canton), a rot iron towel holder, a silk skirt and black short sleeve jacket (both for TEN BUCKS), some charms for a necklace, a leopard tank for the MIL, 3 scarves (one ivory and one black never ending, and a burberry looking scarf), a peppermint brownie mix, buffalo dip mix, wedding cake server, ice scoop, a Christmas gift for the MIL (Can't post it yet), lots of bracelet's and some sunglasses....All in All a good shopping trip.  I hope the little sickies feel better soon too!!  And pray that I don't get it eventually!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and a fabulous week.  We are off to the fair tonight and it's a birthday week for the boy!! So fun fun fun!


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