Thursday, January 24, 2013

Terrible Thursday...

okay so i guess i shouldn't say terrible, but it isn't my favorite day this week.  i had my visit with the lady doctor today, i wish i could say my annual visit.  however, i am get the joy of going more than once a year.  don't be jealy, i know it will be hard to fight that jealousy....ha

so today i go and my blood pressure was high.  high enough for them to say something to me, and more than once i must tell you.  i mean, i get it, but seriously do you think i should be excited to be at the lady doctor? uh no!  and not to mention the conversation is just awkward, i understand it is better than no noise at all, but i seriously doubt you care what colors i used in my wedding while you are feeling me up.  and another thing, i don't want to hear how you and your husband met in stillwater while you are doing your business.....just be quiet.  anyways, onto the blood pressure.  i have to lose weight, reduce my sodium intake and montior my readings.  and she didn't give me great news of having a baby with high bp.  so back to the gym we go and no more frozen lunches!  thanks alot.

worst 50.00 spent this month.  that could have bought a really nice outfit from TJMaxx.

be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Oh man, i'm sorry you had a rough day. Hopefully your Cara Box will get there soon and cheer you up!!

Brooke said...

Stevie!!! I got my Cara Box and I love it!!! I got it today, since I didn't check the mail at all!! Thank you so much!!!