Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Well we didn't really do much this weekend!  I think that the holidays and moving finally caught up with us.  We both slept in on Saturday, the hubs more than me (man, can that boy sleep) and had a nasty little stomach issue that kept us home from church.  We were both wanting to go, but couldn't be that far away from the bathroom.  TMI?  Sorry!!!  But Saturday, after sleeping in, we got around and did alittle shopping, more like looking!  We have an empty spot where the Christmas tree was and need it be filled, like yesterday!  But we did find our kitchen pantry and we got it yesterday, took it home and with the help of some great in-laws, got it put together and food put in.  We are super anal about the kitchen and I hate for food to be showing!  Yuck! 

Sunday, we spent some time laying around to ease the stomach ache and then tackled more projects.  The above pantry was actually done on Sunday evening, but I got lots of laundry done and a few items from Target!!

This week is my last first week of school.  I swear this time!  haha  I will be in class Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  So this week also starts our gym training and getting the weight off.  My love pounds have got to go, so glad my love will stay!!  I hate being fat and pasty white....this all needs to change stat!

I will try to write more and more this year!!!  Have a blessed day!


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Stevie said...

LOVE the new look for the blog!