Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That nasty flu bug is everywhere...

So I am blessed to say that I am not the one that the flu bug decided to invade, but it has invaded our house.  The mister is sicker than a dog with that nasty flu bug.  Dirty little thing.  Please please please make sure to wash your hands and don't leave your house if you aren't feeling well.  We spent a great majority of our night in the urgent care, which he says isn't really urgent about anything.  Dr said we caught it early, Nathan started feeling bad Sunday night and I made him go after work last night, so hopefully he will be on the up and up later tonight or tomorrow.  He is out of work for a week, he isn't happy about that tho!  We had to change our weekend plans, so I guess it will be full of rest and relaxation instead of drive across Oklahoma to see family.  That will be continued the next weekend.  We will be taking it easy and hoping I don't get it.  I did get the flu shot, so I am hoping I am covered!  Prayers needed please!

That's all I have for today.

Be blessed!

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