Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Well well well, Monday we meet again!  I am pretty sure I canceled our friendship last week, and the week before that!  I guess you didn't get that memo...Anywho!  Our weekend was pretty lazy, but also alittle productive for me!  Here is the recap...

Friday: After work, I headed to Tarjay for some groceries and to look around....only walked out with groceries in my hands, insert sad face!  When I got home, the hubs was supposed to take me out to dinner and get a movie....but we couldn't agree on where to eat or what to do, so we hopped in the car and went to Hobby Lobby to get a new tray for our coffee table ottoman!  Stoked that I found EXACTLY what I was looking for!  Then we settled on McAlister's for dinner and didn't watch a movie. 

Saturday: I tried to sleep in, but that didn't happen!  I did, however, lay in bed playing on my kindle to make up the sleeping in hours.  #Success  Then I showered and ran around town until it started to rain/sleet.  Stayed home for a few hours and did things around the house, make some great stew and organized my closet.  Then the hubster and I went to Sam's (our favorite place to shop, even tho we always buy like we are feeding an army) and renewed our membership, walked around and found lots of good healthy food to eat and headed home.  We were in Sam's for about an hour and when hubs got the car, it was iced over.  Seriously, OKLAHOMA, you were 70 degrees on Friday evening.  Get it together and decided what kind of weather we are going to have.  So we headed home and had our stew for dinner, then watch it was just okay.  Funny in parts, but kinda lame. 

Sunday: It was icy again in the morning, so I got up and watched church online and did some school stuff.  Got my closet fully organized, along with our master bath!  So glad that I am starting 2013 with organization.  We visited with the in-laws for a bit and then had dinner and caught up on our DVR shows. 

And here we are to begin the work week again....So here's to a great week!!!

Be blessed!

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