Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap....

Wow, can't believe the weekend always goes so fast!  We didn't do much this weekend, with the mister having the flu last week, we tried to just rest.  We watched our DVR shows on Friday night and have sushi and chinese for dinner.  Then Saturday, I woke up with a killer migraine and then got sick from Taco Bueno at lunch.  We stayed home and cleaned out of garage and organized the attic so now we can get both cars in the garage.  Hello no more scraping windows!!!  Sunday morning we watched church online at home, then got around and went to the family farm.  The mister's family owned a turkey farm, so they have lots of buildings full of stuff.  The mister hates going out there, because he doesn't have the eye for turning people's crap into our I do!!!  So I just picked up some old windows and some wood to make some signs!!! 

So excited to start crafting.  Now if I can get everything organized with school so that my free weekends can consist of crafting, life would be perfect!!!

Be Blessed!

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