Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's my FRIDAY!!!

Oh words cannot express how glad I am for my 4-day weekend.  I have so much to get done before Saturday morning, I just pray I don't forget anything!  I am sure you think it is silly that I am stressing so much about a little weekend in Branson, but a girl can't be without necessities!  Ha  I wonder how crazy it is going to be packing for the 7 day cruise...Lord help me!!  I only got one thing checked off the list last night, thanks to a last minute run to take pictures of a house.  So tonight I WILL get through my list.  If not, then I have tomorrow before my quick trip to Stilly for a haircut.  I am super stoked to get a haircut as I am having a hard time styling the mop lately.  Time for shorter bangs for sure!!  So I attempted round two of cake pops...let's just say I shouldn't quit my day job.  I am a much better accountant than a baker.  They might taste good and be lowfat, but golly they aren't pretty!!  I only did a few, so I froze the other ones to finish tonight.  Hello 120 cake pops, please be good to me.  I will take pictures if they turn out.  This is the outcome of a perfectionist...never a good thing!!  Hope ya'll have a Terrific Thursday!!!


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Anonymous said...

Good luck getting everything done this weekend! I have a long list too and hope I can just manage to get off the couch for a bit to get things done :-) Have a great weekend girl!