Tuesday, June 14, 2011

M.U.S.T get more S.L.E.E.P

I am so sleepy!  I was very busy last night running all my errands that didn't get done on Sunday due to a tummy ache.  So I made my "to-do" and shopping lists and I was off right after work.  I got home alittle before 7 in hopes of starting dinner and laundry.  Got the laundry done, I think we lack one or two loads (YEA) and we did eat some dinner.  I was hoping to grill some chicken to make salads for lunch this week, but that didn't happen so I will be doing that tonight.  It seems like I am too busy to see straight.  I am starting on round dos of cakeballs, wish me luck.  I might want to roll myself into a ball by the end of it.  I did, however, watch some tutorials on how to make them.  I am going to try the cake pops this go round. 
I am trying to pack for vacay so this week I am dressing up for work, which usually only happens once a week!  I am in desperate need of a haircut, good thing my girl got me in on Friday afternoon, I am a notsohot hot mess.  I just feel like I can't do anything with this mop.  I have been trying new makeup this week, I can't seem to find one that covers the freckles but doesn't get too oily throughout the day.  Seriously, I can't be the only girl in America with this problem.  I probably have 8 bottles of foundation and non work well.  I mean they work just not what I have in mind.  Once again, this is part of that hoarding thing I was talking about.  I better get off here and get to my to-do list for today and then make mine for tonight.


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