Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacay...much needed and well deserved!!

So as most of you all know I went on a weekend away to Branson, MO!  I went with my sisters in-laws, which I totally love and adore, and we had the best time.  Since the boy and I aren't hitched yet, we had to stay in separate locations, totally okay with him stay on the strip in a Freezing cold room, while I was at the the Lazy Valley.  During the day, we did a little shopping, okay okay a lot of shopping, and at night we took in some traditional festivities.  This included mini-golf and Cakes and Creams.  If you haven't had CC then you are missing out and I feel bad for ya.  haha  Absolutely to die for ice cream and cakes.  Their speciality is the Funnel Cake Deluxe, which consists of a funnel cake, large scoop of your choice of ice cream, a drizzle of choice syrup, whip cream and a cherry.  I never get that because it is always too much, but my sis says it the bomb.com.  Little C and I had so much fun together and even had a little sleepover one night, meaning she slept with me instead of her daddy.  The night she slept with her daddy, my sis and I shared.  And this is why I love vacations. 
I did alittle shopping, I didn't get a Coach purse or anything Coach related, shocker I know.  I am a Coach lover as I have several purses, 4 pairs of sneakers and 2 pairs of snow boots.  Don't judge!  But this trip I said I didn't need any more purses and the shoe selection is better in Allen...that's another story for you soon!  I did fall in love with the Coach messenger bag, it was a deal for only $150, but I resisted...aren't ya proud!  I just picked up some cute cheap shirts from Banana Republic, jewelry from Charlotte Russe and Deb, and then some sleep dresses from Gap.  The boy enjoyed shopping much more than me, but he needed it more than me too! 
We did the Branson Zipline this trip.  Let me tell you, I am afraid of heights and made sure all my ducks were in a row.  I have an Aflac accident policy and I had to inform the others of said policy in case I died coming down the zipline, or the 100 foot free fall that I wasn't made aware of until I was in the tower of the zipline.  FAIL!  Anyways, I survived and guess I could say I would do it again if I have the chance.  It was fun!!

I will post some pics when I get a chance.  I am very tired and ready for a nap.  If you need me, I will be in my office under the desk just resting my eyes.  I kid I kid!!


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