Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh Friday, how I love thee...

So today started off with TWO of these.  I usually have one cup of coffee on workdays, just to get me through the morning.  But this week has been rough, with coming home late on Monday from vacation and not getting to bed before 11:30pm any night this week.  So....I will sleep in tomorrow gosh darn it!  I have a whole lot of nothing that I want to do tomorrow.  I need to watch some lectures for school and clean, but I want to lay out.  Then take a nap and get ready for a friend's wedding!  Yea for more weddings!  Oh and we want to see a couple movies coming out this weekend, Bad Teacher, Cars 3D, and Something Borrowed (I think it isn't new, but it is at the dollar movie)!  We usually get busy and miss the good ones at the theater so we have to wait until the cheap theater or RedBox.  Not this time, no sirree!  Date movie will have to be quick, as I MUST study lectures for a test this week!! Bleck!  Gotta get to work.  I will try to post pictures of all the events lately!


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