Monday, June 13, 2011

I gotta case of the Mondays!!!

I have so many thins to do this week, it's VACA weekend!!  I am very much looking forward to a weekend in Branson with my bf and my sister's inlaws.  Always a good time!  We have a busy week in order to get ready for the weekend.  We had a busy weekend as well, so we didn't get everything done that we had hoped.  I did make nine, yes NINE, batches of cakeballs.  I have a love/hate relationship with baking.  I love making new things, but I am horrible about eating after I make it.  That is where the hate comes in.  I tend to over-do myself in the kitchen in trying to accomplish it all in one setting, therefore I hate the aftermath.  I am going to work on the second batch of cakeballs this week.  Baking the cakes at night and then freezing them to make the dipping much prettier.  They were some UGLY cakeballs, but everyone was so sweet saying they tasted good.  I didn't use any oil or frosting.  I love the low-fat!!  I am starting my new week of "to-do's" and my packing list.  I am crazy about lists.  I will post some pics next week after the trip!  We are going on the zip-line, pretty pumped about that!!  Hope ya'll have a good week!


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