Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a busy time of year....

With all the weddings and vacations, we are quite busy these days.  I am just starting a new online class and I really should be watching the videos and doing homework, of course not at work but at home at night.  Oh well, there are just so many more things I would rather do.  I have to clean up and organize my closet tonight and tomorrow (requirement if I want to go visit friends and fam this weekend.)  So I get to spend tonight and tomorrow doing that....YEA....NOT!!!  I have way too many clothes to fit in my closet so I must get rid....I believe I will sell some stuff!  I need to do this so I can pack for BRANSON '11 and make room for all the steals and deals that I find.  I am sad to go be going to the COACH outlet this year, well I will probably go in, but I am not taking a large chunk of monay to spend there.  Insert SAD face here... I have lots of other stuff in mind, i.e. wedding attire and sun dresses for the upcoming cruise.  And I might throw in a swimsuit here and there.  A girl can never have enough swimsuits! 

We, or should I say my soon-to-be MIL and I, added yet another wedding to the summer agenda.  It's a Thursday night wedding next month at a beautiful masion.  We can't have ours there due to the amount of guests, but I am excited to go see it.  Not to mention the colors are teal and red and done on a budget.  Insert smiley face here....  Those are my colors and welp my whole situation!!  I really wish that money grew on trees because then I would be set for life!! ha 

I will be venturing to Target at lunch to exchange and purchase, lots on the list!! I love Tar-chay!!!  I am getting very excited for Branson next weekend, it's much needed and appreciated every year!  Lots of packing, baking and driving will be done next week.  I am in need, and I mean IN NEED, of a haircut and I will get to spend some quality time with the best hairstylist in OK.  YEA


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