Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't judge....Appreciate!!

Btdubs, I am working on having the copyrighted right now.  I kid I kid.  So on a serious note, I am very excited for the upcoming and much needed weekend in Branson.  I know that it is kinda silly, but we always have such a great time.  And I am a leettle crazy when it comes to packing.  I ALWAYS take way too much and ALWAYS bring it home to rewash, good thing I am marrying a man who does the exact same thing.  However, he was alittle judgemental last night when he saw my packing list.  I mean bidness when it comes to lists...usually typed on Word and properly set with columns and appropriate font for my mood.  Every item that needs to be packed goes on the list, right down to my jewelry and such.  I am very organized when it comes to making lists, if I could just get my life in the same way.  I pack everything on the list and check off once it is done, then usually put the list in my suitcase for my return home.  Genius I know. ha Mind you, we are going to be gone for 3 days, 2 nights and my list is 3 columns wide and filling an entire 8.5x11 sheet with size 11 font.  There comes the title...Don't judge...Appreciate!!  I hope to not be in need of anything when I am away from my house.  I need options of outfits and usually 2/day.  I like to put on something comfortable but cute to shop in all day, then change after the pool before dinner.  And I never wear a swimsuit more than once.  Ewwww  Call me weird, call me crazy...I have heard it all and I am okay with it!  I have come to the rescue a time or two when another lady in the house has forgotten something.

Now onto more important things...I need food.  I made some grilled chicken last night on the GF and made a salad using romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, strawberries, grapes and creamy poppy seed dressing.  Delish!  I will be going to make another right now.  



Jessica said...

I got your comments to work for you!

Jess said...

List maker, huh??? Sounds like you would make a good mama of multiples some day. I am working off of 5 different lists for Branson right now!

Brooke said...

ohmyword, please don't say that Jess. Michael keeps telling me that about having twins and I just don't know how you do it! Major props. I have my packing list, to-do list for Branson and my to-do list for regular household stuff. I love lists!!! And I am so pumped for Branson that I am ready to leave now, well not actually but yes! haha