Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can you say Procrasination????

So I have been taking this online class...Intermediate Accounting I, well we have a test tomorrow and guess what....I haven't done a lick of the work!  I know, I know, shame on me!  But listen, this girl has been super busy and so tired that it is just a better idea to lay on the couch all night when we don't have plans.  Sure I shouldn't go and do all the fun stuff but do you blame me??  Yeah I didn't think so!  So tonight I will be studying my little heart out in hopes of making a decent grade.  I just need to pass! 

This weekend, Friday in fact, we will be making the trip to the other side of Oklahoma to see my family!  The bf can't wait.  He has some "to-do's" this weekend...i.e. talk to my parents alone!  Not sure when that is happening, but its a must I guess!  We are also planning on going to see Bad Teacher with the siblings and in-laws.  We saw The hangover last year, but we couldn't wait this year.  So the grandparents will be watching the chittlens and we will be darting off the mall to grab a quick movie.  Hopefully this happens, cross you fingers!  Enid isn't having their fireworks until Monday night, so we will be going back to Stilly on Sunday to enjoy the fireworks show there.  I have also a trip to see a very sweet and beautiful new baby girl on Monday while I am in's a must!  Then we will be packing up and driving back to have dinner with the bf's family and catch some fireworks here in t-town.  Then it's back to studying or should I say...start studying!  Whatevs!

I promise to take pics this weekend, even if they are on my phone and post.  I know I am a horrible blogger, but I am trying! 


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