Friday, June 3, 2011

Starting Out...

I finally did it!! I have started a blog.  Pretty sure I am the last person to do it, but heck why not join in on the fun!  My sisters both blog, but not enough to keep me interested so I started it on me own.  So here it goes...

I am a late 20 something, and I mean LATE, trying to live the dream.  I have a wonderful boyfriend, soon to be fiance, that I love and adore.  We are best friends and I love seeing his sweet smile daily!  I am a full-time Staff Accountant and a full-time student.  I am finishing my degree in Accounting in hopes to get an Auditing poisition with a big firm...we shall see!  I have an awesome family that loves each other so much, 3 of the sweetest nieces that I love to pieces and a little nephew that I love soooo much!  They are my world, until I have children of my own...of course!! 

I am starting the blog as a daily, hopefully daily, journal.  I think it will help get all the ideas out of my head.  I love to bake and make fun food, that I will probably add to this a time or two, or three, or four.  I love to craft, I make signs on canvas and wood for custom designs.  I love shopping, just like the next girl, but I do best when I am getting great deals.  I am so ready for football season, and I love my Okstate Cowboys!!  Love love love tailgating and seeing old friends!  I am going to be planning a wedding soon, and since we will be on a budget, I will be doing lots of DIY...couldn't be more excited.  I helped my bestfran, that I also call my sweet seester, plan her wedding and we just had the best time.

So if you want to keep in touch, you can read this and see what's going on in my crazy full and busy life! 

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